Arriving at a bike messenger world championship

A doctor told me not to make breaks too long at the end of a long ride. The body won’t start the engine twice a day when he is already tired and will tend to build up pain. With this advice I started my ride to Zürich 340km (212mls) in the south. Easy going along the old B3 state road following the Rhine River Valley next to the Black Forest. Behind Freiburg two mountains to pass to the Switzerland border, after the first called Notschrei I had a nice lunch in Bärental. With that break I was lucky because I missed the rain later and it was early enough to fully refill for the second mountain. Behind the border the way to Zürich got harder to find by road bike and never trust a bike line you don’t know. Arriving in time after 12 hours my out fit turned some heads in the city, it was the Kelme tricot & bib shorts matching the green & blue of my classic Somec Antares road bike. The Camp of the bicycle messenger world championships was in an industrial area behind the main station. There I met my colleagues building up tents. They arrived earlier by car and already partied hard. The next day the races began with the uphill race I had hopes for at the second day. Two of us qualified for the final in the messenger race, it is hard because only with the shortest route through the manifest there is a chance to reach it and a mistake made by the brain into the wrong direction can hardly be saved by pure power.




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