Coming home with champions

Tobi & Jochen became world champions, alleycat race world champions in Zürich at the bicycle messenger world championships 1999. They partied all night long and spent all their price money. At 6 am the next morning I woke them up to ride home with me by bike ore choose the others later by car. They managed surprisingly to find all the stuff they need and we started our ride home. 340km (212mls) back to Heidelberg, crossing the Black Forest with 2 steep uphills and 180km (112mls) headwinds from Freiburg to north. They were tired, they were not sober, they didn’t say much. It took 14 hours including some brakes to drink, eat & rest the seat bones. The next day I went to work as usual, but a little up set and tired. My uphill racing raking in Zürich was not as good as I hoped before. Tobi & Jochen couldn’t come to work for a week, they were both ill because of the big effort they pushed into their messenger road bikes. After Zürich Tobi became the first fixie rider in Heidelberg inspired by the swedish and north american competitors and Jochen joint partner at our bicycle messenger company Per Bike that transferred it’s businesses to VeloXpress some years later.



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