Doing the return, too

In this case the ride started with a very simple calculation in mind. One way from Heidelberg to Freiburg is something around 200km (125mls) and in very, very good conditions about 6 hours to ride. The return is the same, if the wind direction changes correctly during the day and the top of the Kandel Mountain close to Freiburg would be a pinnacle add.

Visiting Klaus at the end of his holidays is always fun. The ride from Heidelberg to Stegen, behind Freibug, is easy on the B3 federal street, flat and straight ahead with just one climb at the end. Being once too early for lunch because of strong wind from behind I did an extra climb. The Kandel from Waldkirch is a legendary uphill in the Black Forest for racers of all levels but after 200km on the road I went for Glotter Tal, the soft side. It worked out and I made a notice in my training book: Heidelberg -Kandel – visiting Klaus for some training in the Black Forest. The next days this training was always good preparation for the Ötztal Marathon in the Alps. But what about doing the return at the same day?

It took some years and a thrilling new bike to make it. At 6 a.m. the working day started short after sunrise. The first one and a half hours I set up my mind, no time attacks today. In the morning traffic some car drivers where overwhelmed by one cyclist, what a insoluble problem in this age. Setting up a good cadence and going ahead with only two mistakes in direction, just one of them because of less blood in the brain, plus two short refills of my bottles the entrance of the Kandel Mountain in Waldkirch was reached at about 12:30. At 13:30 I ordered my well earned lunch at the top of the Kandel. There is a Restaurant, an amazing view down the Rhein River Valley and a start ramp for kite sailors. These thoughts where hardly needed to keep climbing at the step 1000Hm uphill climb with 39/25 on board. Keeping the receipt for lunch as an evidence I started the return with confidence and a smiling downhill.

Supported by enthusiasm a wrong turn behind Waldkirch brought me on a highway. As departure I took the next one in driving direction for safety. People waving at me out of cars did maybe not think about that option on a oneway street. Back on the B3 everything was usual. This afternoon the sun was very strong without any shade for the next 100km and made me drinking another 9 litres out of 1,5 litres capacity refilled in 6 mega short stops at fuel stations. Maybe some more had helped not to follow of a cyclist in speed modus riding in his own direction after overtaking me without any friendly notice from his side. It took me just 5 minutes to find my way again, the distributed adrenalin lasted longer. At afternoon some brain power came back with shades of clouds and beauty of the landscape I call home.

One hour to Heidelberg I did the last stop to eat some salty sausage and drink some coke. At sunset in Heidelberg a Espresso at my favorite coffee bar the 16 hour working day with 14 hours on the bike was over. Some nice conversations are a good reward after 420km (262mls) of turning the wheels. Oh, did I tell you the story with the police car next to me on a beltway at 50km/h (30mph)? They looked at me and I looked at them, keeping my speed in the wind shadow of the massiv traffic. An impressive moment of recognitions and decisions when they drove by. And here is the receipt of my lunch & the view from the Kandel 1241 m.H.ü.NN (4070ft) I had on this day.




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