Riding into history

This was the pre-ride for the very first marathon century go off in german license free amateur road cycling sports. From Hockenheim (a small town with a famous Formula 1 circuit Hockenheimring) in the Kurpfalz via Kraichgau and Zabergäu to Hardheim (in “Badisch  Sibiria”) and back a route through the Odenwald Forest. Our group was about 20 riders and with 14 years I was the youngest. The organizer was a friend of my older friend and trainings partner Dieter. We saw many small old villages at winding streets along creek runs. A big bridge at the Jagst river close to Jagsthausen (were the Knight Götz von Berlichingen to his Lord shouted “he can lick him in his a . . h . . .” yet some hundreds years before and Goethe wrote a play about him some hundred years later) gave an impressive add on to the lovely scenery with a lot of apple trees. The marathon century route was 270km (168mls) plus our ride to Hockenheim and back home that took about 40min. At the finish the others where noticeable more tired than me, I talked all the time it was possible in the traffic and there. The event I left out. Dieter was in holidays with his wife and the others didn’t really enjoy my pace.


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