Supporting men’s sports

Rockenhausen is a small village close to the Donnersberg Mountain, with 686m.ü.NN (2250ft) the highest mountain in the Pfälzer Wald. Mosel River is 150km (90mls) in the north of Rockenhausen generating a beautiful wine region with a lot of river bends, sunny valleys and very old yards. We had to stand up very early, Angelika drove the car to Rockenhausen save in time and said she would visit the local public swimming pool during the day. I told her that it will take really the hole day to finish the ride and maybe I will not be able to finish it with my own power. “That’s o.k. for me, let us see what will happen!” she answered without that I could believe her relaxed feeling. I was wrong.

When I arrived back after 13 hours for the 380km (238mls) long  ride she was between all the other ladies offering steak & beer, coffee & cake. I told her that it was a very well organized tour today having enough food stations at the right sections with some nice salty sausage, too. She told me that after swimming and finishing her book she went back to the cycle event location where she dropped this morning and talked to the ladies, seeing them organizing a lot of stuff for the riders and offering her help.

Because I couldn’t find a partner for that ride I did it alone. In my brain some time it was fun, but some time it was boring because there where no group to join all day long. Fortunately I like riding bike with appropriate speed that I could keep and enjoy the noises of the forest while listening to the stories of old stones. My highlight of the ride was this salty sausage, surprising me at a exhausted moment at a feed station and refueling my soul for the circumnavigation of the Donnersberg I climbed early in the morning with 5000Hm (16400ft) in summary for this tour.

The event was a 20 years cycling marathon anniversary for the local bicycle sport club. I guess the success over all this years was driven by all the ladies, supporting men’s sport.


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