The next day counts

For our planed Cross Continental Ride from San Francisco to New York that year we wanted to do a test ride. What will the next day feel like and would we move on. From Heidelberg to Straßbourg along the Rhine River and back through the Pfälzer Whine Yards was a route Andreas had in his book but still left out. We started early in a beautiful morning to find the bike way on the Rhine River Dam starting from Germersheim through the Old Rhine River Arms and nature reserves. Close to Straßbourg the Marne Chanel showed us the route back to the Pfälzer Whine Yards. We crossed national country borders two times and didn’t even notice without passing some empty seldom buildings and useless lists. Heading to Speyer for the Rhine River Bridge Andreas needed a long break because his feet were like burning in his shoes. After the restart my left knee produced pain and the right leg had to do the whole work for the last 100km (62mls). We arrived at our homes 14 hours after our start 400km (250mls) before with 13 hours of riding and were both tired.

But the next day counts. I visited a sports doctor to check my left knee going wrong with the other doing right. The sports doctor asked for the ride we did and got the answer “from Heidelberg to Straßbourg and back”. He advised to do shorter distances a day, 50km instead of 100. At the evening I called Andreas, he was fine with his feet. I decided to visit Dr. Hofman, a former National Team Track Racer to help me. Searching for a reason why one knee failed and the other worked we analyzed the ride and when it came to the break for Dr. Hofmann as a very experienced rider the reason was clear. He explained to me my body will not restart a second time a day when he thinks & hopes it is over now. The break Andreas needed was important but too late and we should have going ahead a lot faster without sitting down. The left knee just stayed in rest modus.

With another ride I could prove the advise right. From Heidelberg to Zürich and back three days later everything was fine with proper break timing. And yes, all the next days are really counting in, too!


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