Managing patience

// In 2009 I got a new bike not for the first time. This one was special in many aspects, it was not only the most surprising and fastest machine I took out for a try and wanted to own after that, it was the best .. kind of a medicine I could imagine and make working at the same time. In the shop I bought the chain needed for my current bike and a week later that bike. With the current I rode about 60.000km (≈37.000mls) in 6 years but the last 3 years close to zero. All I forgot after a spin around the shop with that new one. In the next 6 months 15.000km (≈9000mls) rubber each from two wheels where lost on the streets . In 6 weeks I reached a train level of 100km a day and met all my friends from earlier years for riding through the Odenwald, Black Forrest and the Alps. The longest ride was 420km (262mls) in 14 hours and the next day I went to work happy. All my newer friends thought I’m getting crazy, but they saw I’m doing well with that and I really did.

In 2013 I met the senior engineer for an evolution model of my bike. It was not a surprise for me, it was my plan. A surprise was that he had the time to talk with me and I could tell him some things that could be improved for the next evolution without any drawbacks. He didn’t laugh at me for that, he smiled to me and answered that exactly on that I told him they were working. The only thing I had to do was having patience for the new bike they were developing out of the current. I was very happy to met him in time.

in2015In late August 2014 I read about the release of the new model, saw pictures and collected the specs in the net. None of my wishes are left behind, the new bike is a next level rocket in every aspect with a beautiful shaped frame and in a nice color, black with white decals. Fortunately I’m working in the bike industry since one and a half year and managed to place a order in a few days, months before they are shipped. For these months my patience needs now some management. To remind me on some stories which brought me to this point of life I’m now and write them down out of good memories is part of a bigger task. I feel curious and thankful.


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